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Dreaming, 2020

Digital Edition (A4)

Dreaming... of you, of me, of us, of a life, of a life after all this, of a life right now, of you, of you with me, of you with me, of a dog i could have, of a cat i would want, of looking out of the window out on the sea, of walking by the sea, of jumping into the waves, of clean beaches, of going to the movies, of feeling a soul in something, of crying and laughing and crying and laughing, of looking up at the sun, of touch, of touch, of touch, of sleeping around, of sneaking out, of walking under an alley of trees, of braiding hair, of putting flowers into braided hair, of putting on music at full force and just running, of running out of a house and running and running and continuing and never stopping, of coming home, of fighting over something, of fighting for something, of making up again and again, of screaming at the top of my lungs without bothering anybody, of walking by a cow, of going out on the streets and smell everything again finally, of playing around, of going out with my dancing shoes, of a bed, of justice, of peace, of everything to be good, of having a good heart in this world

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